Quadrant Club

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

A recreational home composed of cuboids.


Architecture + Interiors




306550 sq.ft.

The volume is explored in a scheme composed of cuboidal grids.

The project brief was to create a recreational club within a tight urban setting, in a residential development. Amidst a high-quality complex that attempts to create community spaces at community and individual levels, the design of the club explores ways of spatial configuration. The intent was to achieve a dynamic play that would break away from the conventional techniques of floor plate generation for three floors.

In order to achieve this, a schema of a grid of cuboids was utilized to explore the available volume of space. These cuboids were explored as a play of experiential activity; by linking the entire volume at once and at the same time, allowing for creation of varied spaces. This breaks down the notion of floors and segregation.

quadrant chennai 01

The cuboidal masses are expressed through an interplay of materials.

The spatial construct is also linked through interplay of materials; using wood, glass and stone to define the various masses that resulted from the cuboids. As a result, spaces required for the various activities of the club are generated such as common spaces, recreational spaces and large shaded decks that can be used for spill outs, swimming pools and gardens.

quadrant chennai 05