Centrewalk 103

Gurugram, Haryana

A sustainably functioning mixed use building model.




Mixed Use


430000 sq.ft.

A development consisting of retail spaces on the lower level and workspaces on the upper levels.

Centerwalk-Ansal Housing is a mixed-use project set on a 3.5 acres site in Gurgaon. It is a 4,30,000 sqft ongoing development in close proximity to the Dwarka Expressway, containing retail spaces on the lower levels and workspaces on the upper levels. The client’s brief was centered around a low CAM (common area maintenance) model, that would function effectively for individual shop owners within the complex.

centewalk 103 02

A large green corridor core forms the link between two vertical masses.

The entire building is split into two parts in response to the plot profile and is connected by a large corridor and core. This design feature, along with terraces on every floor, functions as break-out areas, for employees to use during their intervals. Green spaces became a part of every floor for easy access to recess and recreation.

The internal planning of the developments is dependent on the size and investment modules pitched in by different shop owners. While each of these retail outlets and offices are designed to work separately, the larger aim of the design is to hold together and collectively connect various spaces and functions.

centewalk 103 04

Facades composed of balconies with greenery cut down on the building’s heat gain.

Owing to the large footprint of the project, common areas like corridor spaces and courtyards are planned to be non-air-conditioned. Further, passive methods of cooling have been used to reduce energy consumption while maintaining sustainability and feasibility for the building. To cut down direct heat gain into the building facade, balconies with greenery have been incorporated. These projected balconies are connected to vertical shading devices or fins in solid sandstone to create a distinct facade.

centewalk 103 01