B-10 Residence

New Delhi

Urban stack dwelling offering warmth, a connection with nature and a subtle tone of luxury


Architecture + Interiors




668.7 sq.mt.

Multi-storeyed residences within the city often miss the connection with nature associated with the plotted homes of yesteryear. The B-10 residence is a family home designed and built for a client who was closely involved in the construction industry, having worked on landmark modernist projects in late 80s India. The home is thus an expression of his appreciation for quality construction and authentic, durable natural material. For the home, the family envisioned a minimal space that established a strong connection with the outdoors.

Indoor outdoor space
The space is designed to seamlessly blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors

Crafting a dialogue with the outdoors.

Located in an upscale locality in New Delhi, the B-10 residence is developed as a stack of three stories on top of a stilt floor and a basement. Forgoing an additional floor, the height of each floor is expanded, allowing for larger volumes. Garnering the advantage of being located on a plot open from all sides, the built volume comprises multiple deep balconies, which gives the building a unique identity.

Plans for space utilization
Different level plans showing the space utilization in the house

Cutouts bring light deep into interior spaces.

The form of the house has been generated as a response to its context – a combination of its setting, client requirements, building bye-laws and the prevailing climatic conditions. The layout responds to the necessity of being vaastu-compliant, a vital requirement for occupants. The stilt floor opens onto multiple lawns on the front and towards the left of the building, on the neighbouring plot. The open plan is designed to let in natural light into each storey.

Terraced gardens
The large, terraced gardens are a space for social gatherings, leisure and relaxation

A large landscaped terrace forms an integral part of the home.

All levels of the building house kitchens and expansive living and dining areas allowing them to work as individual units as needed. There are nine bedrooms accommodated on the ground, first and second floors, making room for guests. When one reaches the terrace floor, they’re greeted by a manicured deck with a levelled terrace garden. 

Interior decor
Tastefully curated interior design in a subtle color theme for a comforting ambience indoors

A restrained palette of natural material.

The building facade employs a subtle, restrained material palette of timber, grey Kharad stone (sandstone) with a split face finish for visual texture. This palette forms the basis for the entire scheme, repeating itself and expressing itself in multiple forms throughout the home. The composition of openings on the front facade allows for seamless integration of the outdoor landscape with the interiors, as per the brief of bringing the outdoors in. In addition, the timber on the frontage — acetylated wood sourced from renewable forests, introduces an element of finesse and warmth to the facade.

Nestled in nature
The house is designed to invite the nature indoors through balconies and deep overhangs, creating a positive and calm ambience in the house

A calm and pared-back asthetic.

The interior palette draws from the curated exteriors by employing a palette of primarily Basaltino stone and timber. The use of a restrained material palette with an emphasis on textures is a key element in the interior scheme as well. Common to both the lift and staircase foyer, and internal corridors, an elegant false ceiling in timber adds an element of detail while also working to conceal the required services. The choice of material, coupled with a subdued colour palette, gives the home a calm and pared-back aesthetic.

A well-crafted material palette in earthy tones celebrates the colors of nature, giving the interiors an exquisite appeal

Deep balconies and terraces ease the transition between the indoors and the outdoors.

Landscaped areas like the large projecting balconies and a terrace garden are some of the most used areas of the home. These green areas tie into the view of a school field across the street, building a strong connection between the home and its surroundings. 

A clean, modern expression that celebrates a restrained palette of high-quality materials defines the design of the B-10 residence. The home also sets itself apart with the connection it establishes with the outdoors, employing soft, pleasant transitions from the indoors to the outdoors with balconies and terraces that form the heart of the home.