Aspire School

Gurugram, Harayana

Creating holistic environments for learning and growth.


Architecture + Interiors




300000 sq.ft.

All-round development through the formative years of education is one of the crucial challenges of urban life today. Parents choose to admit their children in schools based on the school ethos, location, environment and pedagogy. The Aspire School fulfills all these pre-requisites with its unique design and a built environment that caters to the holistic development of the student.

As an institution, the school is committed to providing an engaging atmosphere with facilities, programs, and services that complement a student’s academic, personal and social development through the various fields of holistic education

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The zoning was a result of a careful study of the natural features of the site.

At its 5.5 Acre campus in Gurgaon, the design of the School exploits an innovative spatial palette with high-level technology and innovation. Spatial planning ensures easy access, circulation and ambient environments for all types of educational and recreational activities. Lush green spaces welcome the student into the academic block that houses the classrooms, and the administrative section of the school. The activities are arranged in a manner that the pre-primary classes have been allotted the lower ground and the upper ground floor to limit their movement on stairs. The primary section has been allotted the upper ground and the first floor and as one ascends further, the middle and senior classrooms are arranged on the second and third floor. The IB classes occupy the north side of the building.

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Spatial planning ensures easy circulation throughout the campus.

The concerns of safety are foremost in deciding the movement patterns in the school. A careful analysis of the different types of movements ensures that vehicular movement is completely segregated from the pedestrian movement and restricted to only one side of the campus. School buses are catered for either by creating dedicated bays as off-street parking (from within the campus land), or are taken into the basement – in both instances allowing for safe and supervised movement of children.

There is a clear segregation between the movement of the younger and older children allowing for lesser chances for bullying and unsupervised interaction time. It also allows for lesser crowding, and easier and more organized arrivals and dispersal.

The built volume is designed in the form of strips that allow light to penetrate from both sides to accommodate a diverse brief of educational programmes and associated learning spaces, student services, administration, etc.

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The built volume is designed prioritising maximum daylight ingress.

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Intermittent courtyards allow for the classrooms to be naturally ventilated with an abundance of natural light.

The building’s column-slab structure has a system of lightweight facades that provides high insulation levels. The fenestrations have been strategically placed to allow daylight into the classrooms, sufficient ventilation and ensure weather protection. The corridors, overlooking the sports field, provide adequate sunlight into the building, especially during winters, thereby creating a comfortable studying environment.

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