Agrawal Residence

Raipur, Chhattisgarh

A home nestled in a canopy of greens.






12800 sq.ft.

The internal courtyard, cocooned between the built mass, is the source of fresh air and natural sunlight in the house.

The location of the courtyard allows maximum cross-ventilation between spaces, especially public spaces like the double-heightened living room, dining area, vestibule and the staircase block. Although the entire courtyard is designed to be open to the sky, it can be covered using a retractable fabric roof when required.

The courtyard brings abundant natural light and ventilation into the interior spaces.

The internal courtyard also reduces the dependence on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation, making the farmhouse environmentally friendly. The spiral staircase situated adjacent to the courtyard connects the two floors and terrace. Enclosed by a skylight on the roof, the staircase receives ample natural light during the day, and adequate wind flow from the courtyard.

The courtyard not only allows for interconnectivity but also helps in passive cooling.

All rooms have colossal aluminium thermal break windows and doors overlooking a patio or greens around the site. The windows are shielded by timber screens, enabling a play of light and shadow in the rooms. The facade is a play between elegant grey quartz stones, timber screens, full-height windows and balconies and is linear and modern.

Open, airy, and modern the residence makes the most of its landscape.