Two Fold – Affordable Housing

Gurugram, Haryana

High-quality, affordable urban habitats.




House, Housing


876909 sq.ft.

Building affordability does not imply a compromise on quality living. The design of Two-Fold, an affordable housing development in Gurugram, prioritises the natural elements of access to light, fresh air and green spaces to allow for healthy living. 

The site is planned around large central landscaped areas that work as community spaces and encourage interaction. The housing towers open onto these green spaces, letting in ample daylight and ventilation. The towers themselves are characterised by green pockets that interrupt the built mass both in plan as well as vertically. Refuge terraces, vertical greens, and sit-outs bring in bursts of green even on the upper levels. These elements are highlighted using bright orange frames within the mass.

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The towers are planned around central landscaped areas.

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