How to give your home decor a make-over on a minimal budget?

When it comes to designing a well-put-together and personalized home, I believe that the budget constraint can easily be overcome. Here are three simple ways to effectively design your home and make the dreams on your vision board come true with a minimal budget.


Big cushions, vibrant throws, or simply replacing pillow covers to complement the colour theme of your room can add a touch of panache. Flea bazaars or local markets are a paradise for affordable antique gems like lanterns, lamps, or decorative pieces. Maintaining a colour theme by using an element of the chosen colour in each room will give the house a common language and character. Large paintings, art pieces on an accent wall, or a combination of smaller pieces are a great opportunity to let the room be a reflection of one’s personality. Contrary to the conception that art is expensive, affordable art pieces online can be a great ornament for your wall.

Antique decoration pieces accentuating the wooden interiors in B-10 residence, New Delhi


Refurbishing old tables, sofas, cupboards, or chairs is a cost-efficient and innovative method for a chic interior. This blend of vintage and modern themes can be achieved using colourful cotton fabrics, paints, or heritage-tile inlays to make interesting conversation-starter pieces in your house. These unique, custom-made heritage pieces can beautifully enhance the house, especially if you have clean, modern facades and interiors.

Plants in the transition spaces in the Equilibrium Farmhouses, New Delhi

Biophilic Design

Having potted and hanging plants in the verandah, courtyards, or indoors flood the interiors with natural daylight and ventilation that create a connection with nature, lending a sense of calm. Plants of various sizes and textures can be chosen to match the aesthetic of your house and colour to create a reassuring atmosphere.

Simple, inexpensive gestures can make your house feel like home – an abode of comfort that reflects one’s personality.

Shubhra Dahiya, Partner, team3