Contemporary Interiors that Reflect Personal Style

The contemporary style is a fluid, transitional one. It is ever-evolving, encompassing trends that are currently in vogue. Although the contemporary style draws from multiple other styles, including minimalistic, eclectic and bohemian too, its defining characteristic is that it broadly features clean lines, natural materials and a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. There are several ways in which one can create a contemporary space that also reflects one’s personal tastes.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Since the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic, people have been seeking a large degree of flexibility in the spaces they inhabit. Homes are used not just as living spaces but need to accommodate functions like work and be a space for family and friends to spend time together. To enable this, contemporary homes need to be built around open-plan spaces with movable furniture that can be rearranged to suit changing functions.

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A Balance of Hues

Colour palettes are game changers in contemporary design. While spaces can be designed using pastel tones and neutral shades, accent colours appearing in statement pieces of furniture can elevate the space. Colour is universal yet personal and can define a space when paired with the right lighting.

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The Importance of Lighting

Although, as designers, there is nothing better than natural light streaming in from large openings and flooding interior spaces, this is not always possible in cities crowded with high-rise developments. In such cases, modulation of artificial lighting can add contemporary elegance to a space. Warm light (3000K and lower) can lend a calm and serene ambience to a home.

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Material Play

The key to creating a contemporary space is not to overdo a material. The material palette can be kept minimal and subtle contrast can be created using different finishes. Beyond this tenet, the contemporary style is flexible, often accommodating hints of materials like chrome, brass, suede and linen. Natural materials like brick, concrete, stone and wood bring depth and a strong sense of character to an interior space. These can be paired with paints and wallpapers to express the inhabitant’s taste. Contemporary spaces also allow for the use of an eclectic mix of furniture and can be chosen based on personal preferences for comfort.

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In the end, beyond styles and trends, a home’s interiors need to be a reflection of the owner’s personality. A contemporary space allows for just that; they reflect the current milieu without imposing itself on the user.

Shubhra Dahiya, Partner, team3